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The story of Warj'Arune is about a war in the Heavens spilling out onto the Prime Material plane (the material world).

Warj'Arune is a world on the brink of war. It began over 10,000 years ago when a vengeful god, Lachesta, led an army of his creations, vicious demons called Tanar'ri, out of the Abyss and into the Prime Material. He was allied with some of the strongest and darkest of the evil gods that have an interest in Warj'Arune: Hextor, Nerull, Erythnul, and others.

This time of chaos and strife was called the "Tanar'ri Wars" by the residents of the Prime Material, and by their patron deities. Many atrocities were committed, and many battles fought, many heroes made, many heroes slain. It was during this great war that the patron goddess of Halflings, Yondalla, was slain, and her children driven mad. It was also during this war that the Tanar'ri, in their need for a massive army, saw fit to create the Minotaurs, a soldier race great in strength and cunning, but slow in wit and intellect.

Although Lachesta's army was eventually defeated by a coalition of good-aligned nations and races, acting in concert with a coalition of their patron deities, Lachesta himself was not destroyed. Instead, he escaped to the Abyss, and has not been heard from since…

For millenia, the politics of the Heavens, and the politics of the nations of Warj'Arune, returned to an uneasy normality. Within the last 200 - 300 years, however, the Heavens have been growing ever-increasingly divided. Rumors have swept across the religious organizations of the world; rumors that speak of the re-emergence of war. Whispers in the dark accorded growing evils in the land with the return of the King of Demons.

Today, Warj'Arune stands on the brink. The once great Kingdom of Sartii is in a state of civil war: the southern cities have banded together under the leadership of one Lord Mishtar, the exiled prince and son of King Gashan of Sartii. Militant bands of armed men roam the coast, southern plains and even the Great Desert, calling themselves Soldiers of the Nation of Ravannah. The once quiet city of Ravannah has become a metropolis, the capital of the new southern nation, and is bustling with the industry of war. Weapons, armor, ships and machinery are built endlessly, as workers and craftsmen devote themselves fanatically to their new rebel government. No one seems to notice that Lord Mishtar himself hasn't been seen or heard from in decades. The ruling council of Ravannah, rife with corruption, has welcomed denizens of the Underdark, and even the mad Halflings, into their fledgling nation with open arms.

King Gashan broods from his keep in the mighty city of Sartarus, capital of Sartii. Age has caught up with him, and he sees his life slipping away as the world around him seems on the brink of collapse. His prodigal son continues to elude him, while rumors from his clergy and advisors continue to grow alarming. A call has gone out for heroes to assemble in the Grand Hall of Sartarus. Every day dozens and sometimes hundreds of would-be adventurers gather to accept Royal Commissions as aids of the King, who quickly puts their skills to use. Likewise, the despotic Council of Ravannah has called for their own heroes, who come from dark alleys and sometimes even darker caves. The corrupt government quickly employs these selfish or downright evil adventurers to directly intercept and destory the efforts and resources of their Sartii counterparts.

Aspiring adventurers may join the standing military of either country, or perhaps start their own mercenary company, or even divine mission. Some may choose to stay out of this war, perhaps living out their lives in the frozen lands of the north, or hiding in the forest and mountains of the two great nations. Rumor speaks of a rising evil in the east, beyond the Great Rift; it also speaks of great treasure to be found in the exposed ruins that lay scattered about that place. Unexplored and even uncharted islands lay off many shores, promising untold riches to whoever plunders them first; and if one digs deep enough, they may find themselves in the Underdark, where all manner of foul creatures and cultures thrive, and all manner of lost relics can be found.

Opportunity is plenty in Warj'Arune, where history and legend lay in wait of discovery, and we find ourselves living in the Eve of War.

There are many books and tomes describing specific incidents in the history of Warj'Arune, scattered throughout the world. These books and tomes provide hints, clues and sometimes explicit accounts about people and places that can be found today (or at least their remnants can be found today). Some examples of these books can be found on the World History & Lore page. You can also gain such information by talking to various people and things you will encounter in our world. There are sages and scholars scattered about Warj'Arune, waiting for you to approach them. If you find any of these books, tomes or informants "in-game", and you can understand them, then your character is considered to know whatever they have to say. Otherwise, any knowledge you gain as a player is considered OOC.

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