Wee Jas

The Witch Goddess, The Ruby Sorceress, The Stern Lady, Death’s Guardian

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Death, Law, Magic, Mind, Repose
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Symbol: Red skull wreathed in flame

Favored Weapon: Poisoned Dagger

Portfolio: Death, Magic, Vanity, Law

Deitess of magic and death, Wee Jas promotes the study of magic, specifically death magic, in her followers. Though she shares a focus in magic with Boccob, that is where the similarities between the two end. Wee Jas takes an active role in the world, teaching the importance of natural death and the study of magic. Her followers create and use many magic items to maintain a natural order of death.

Clerics of Wee Jas prefer to dress in black or grey, and maintain a strict hierarchy within their order. Her priests serve as arbitrators of disputes, advisors on magical issues, or funeral administrators, maintaining an active role in the public. There are few temples to Wee Jas, but those that exist house some of the world’s most powerful mages and necromancers, and are almost always located on a graveyard or burial site. They almost always contain vast catacombs beneath them, housing long dead wizards and their extensive libraries and magical stockpiles.

The clergy of Wee Jas, while found in most major Human cities, remains fairly seperate from politics within those cities. They only interfere in preserverance of law and in matters concerning death (such as funeral rites or procedures). They have almost entirely moved out of Ravannah as it has fallen to chaos, despite their best efforts otherwise, and hold little to no sway there at all.

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