The Maimed Lord, The Whispered One, The Master of All That Is Secret and Hidden

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Death, Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Magic, Mind
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Symbol: Left hand clutching an eyeball

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Portfolio: Secrets, Intrigue, Undead, Magic

Lord of secrets, and keeper of that which is hidden, Vecna remains a mystery even to the other gods. Vecna is a solitary deity, in constant study, learning they mysteries of the universe misunderstood by the other deities. Vecna’s philosophy is that there is a secret that exists that can destroy any being, regardless of power, it is only a matter of finding that secret. He is searching for those secrets that will allow him to destroy every other deity and take the world for himself. He teaches his followers that power comes from knowing what others do not, that one should never reveal all that they know.

Clerics to Vecna wear red and black, but usually keep their identities hidden, as Clerics to Vecna are not welcome in most places. They spend their time constantly scheming to bring down governments, taking over the country for themselves, or searching for ancient documents to reveal some lost bit of information. His priesthood is arranged into small isolated cults, working in unison, but seemingly unconnected. Temples to Vecna are always well hidden and warded against unwanted entrance. They are usually underground and house great libraries where they keep their vast hordes of knowledge safe from nonbelievers.

The clergy of Vecna is currently isolated in the Ravannese city of Mecra, which they took over from Ravannah and have since made a treaty of noninterference. It is believed that the Clerics of Vecna have made an alliance with those of Hextor who are ruling Ravannah in an attempt to take Sartii. Mecra has fallen into deep shadow, constantly covered by thick black clouds blocking the sun, and all who have remained serve Vecna in one way or another, often as undead.

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