All About Ug


Where was your character born?
In a orc camp in the Cold Bone Mountains.

Who raised him?
The tribe until Ug was 7, then Master Rockbar Ironfist Fu’Chao at the Ku’lin Monastery of Earth and Stone

What was happening in the region when your character was growing up?
The typical warring with neighboring barbarian tribes.

Does your character have any relatives?
None that he knows of other than his father, but he doesn’t know if he lives and has never met him.


What are your character’s immediate goals? What would he like to do in the coming year?
Travel the lands, doing good and attempting to leave each place he enters a little better than he found it.

What are his long-term goals?
Attain the rank of Fu’Chao (Earthbrother), make his master proud, shed the stigma of his heritage, and attain enlightenment.

What type of person would be his ideal mate?
Ug leads an ascetic lifestyle, he has no interest in a mate or the pleasures of the flesh, he is married to The Way.

Who is his patron deity? Is he a devout worshiper?
Ug worships The Shining One, who disperses clouds and storms that try to block his warmth from reaching the earth. He is also the healer and nurturer, a god of kindness and love, but terrible in his defense of those in need. All of these are traits that Ug holds in high regard, there is nothing a being can do more noble than to help his fellows.

Is he a devout member of any nonreligious cause?
Ug is a member of the Earth and Stone School of the Ku’lin Way, defenders of the true way of Grand Arhat Kayo’won’tu’ten.

Is there any race, creed, alignment, religion or the like against which he is strongly prejudiced?
Prejudice is fear of those who are different, Ug does not fear difference but celebrates the great variety of life. However, Ug will fight evil wherever he finds it as evil is the ultimate expression of selfishness.

What is his greatest fear?
That there will come a time when he must choose between lives to save, having to pick one life over another, and his indecision will result in failing both.

What is the one task he absolutely refuses to do?
There are many, anything that will pollute his body or mind he will not engage in. He does not steal or lie.


What is your character’s motto or favorite saying?
“Peace, Brother”

What is his favorite color?
Brown, the color of earth

Describe what he would wear if money were no object?
The same thing he wears now, clothing is a means to protect ones body, nothing more or less.

What is his favorite food? Drink?
Whatever is in front of him is a blessing (but secretly he really enjoys steamed vegetables over rice), Butter Tea

What is his favorite animal?
The Bear

What habits of his friends annoy him most?
Lying and pretending that telling only part of the truth isn't lying


(rank each trait from 1 to 10)

  • Courtesy 7
  • Valor 7
  • Self-sacrifice 10
  • Generosity 10
  • Sobriety 10
  • Calm temper 10
  • Optimism 8
  • Curiosity 5
  • Forgiveness 8
  • Cheerfulness 6
  • Patience 9
  • Honesty 9
  • Helpfulness 9
  • Loyalty 7



What well-known media figure from sports, movies or politics most closely resembles your character?
In terms of mannerisms, Seraph from The Matrix, in terms of appearance, a more defined and buff Andre the giant (If he had gotten hit in the face with a shovel…which come to think of he might have)

What would be his theme song?
Tan Dun “For The World” from the movie “Hero” soundtrack

If his friends were to write his epitaph, what would it be?
Do all the good you can,
. To all the people you can,
. . In all the ways you can,
… As long as ever you can.
… . By this motto he lived.

What would be his job in modern society?
Social Worker

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