Ug & The Dwarf, Chapter 2

His master stood across the empty stone path, silent and still as the rock that surrounded them.

Ug likewise stood silent and still, staring back at the small dwarf. His 6’7” heavily muscled frame locked in tune with the stone under his feet, Ug took a single step forward. Knowing that he had no chance to beat his master, but wanting to at least land a hit for the first time in the 16 years that he had been training at the school of the true way of Ku’Lin, the Earth and Stone school of the Most Revered Grand Arhat Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten, not to be confused with the Most Perverted school of Wind and Storm of the Demonridden Won’Hi’Lo.

Ug waited patiently and took another step, measuring the distance remaining between them. His master, Rockbar Ironfist Fu’Chao, continued waiting and watching. Ug knew that his master would not make the first move though and not wanting to wait for hours for what he believed would be the same outcome, Ug decided to take the fight to his master in the hopes that his newfound mastery of the Sleeping Dragon technique would perhaps allow him to land a blow.

With one more step, Ug brought himself within the proper distance to begin. Sliding his front foot into the Blossom position, Ug darted forward as fast as he could. Concentrating his energies into the Spear Hand Thrust, Ug channeled his Chi energies from the rock below in an attempt to disrupt the wards that Master Fu’Chao had undoubtedly erected around himself.

As Ug expected, Master Fu’Chao blocked his Spear Hand with the customary Iron Palm. Ug though expected this and attempted his next technique which he had recently devised rolling his elbow over his master’s block, using his greater reach to attempt an elbow strike. His master used Ug’s leverage and momentum and rolled with Ug tossing him through the air to land on his back.

Ug stood up trying to remain composed, and glowed in pleasure at the approval in his master’s eyes. While being thrown, Ug had used the Sleeping Dragon technique, releasing the elbow strike and allowing his body to go limp, his other hand which had been in the Guarded Way position flashed into the Sweeping Scythe maneuver allowing his fingers to brush his master’s ear.

Well done,” Master Fu’Chao said with a slight inclination of his head, “but you should be using the Lotus position on the third step, the Blossom position puts your weight too far forward which is why I was able to throw you so easily. Otherwise that first elbow might have gotten through.

“I will remember, Master” Ug said.

Moving to the edge of the precipice that overlooked the school far below, tucked between twin peaks of the Two Brothers Mountains, Ug and Master Fu’Chao looked out in the distance to the sea, feeling the hum of the mountainside.

Their reverie was broken by the sounds of footsteps coming from further up the path. Two humans wearing the blue and grey of the Wind and Storm school, sauntered arrogantly down the path towards them. Their beady eyes and weak frames belying their adherence to the Most Despicable Perversion of the Way, they looked up to see Master Fu’Chao and Ug standing upon the path. A moment of tension stretched on as they looked upon each other. Finally the followers of the Light Breeze and Drizzle School, as Ug privately called them in his head, spoke.

“What are you two doing here,” they said, fear evident in their eyes.

Not responding to so dumb a question, Master Fu’Chao turned his back and continued looking out to sea, giving me a small nod as he did so.

Understanding the movement, Ug strode forward and said, “Begone, you me lo pai” (roughly translated to “those whose brains are clouded by urine turned to mist”)

The two Wind and Storm school students, enraged by this offense, rushed forward and began attempting some of their perverted techniques. Jumping all over the place and flipping through the air, the two students flashed about in a stunning display of acrobatics and idiocy.

Ug stood in position watching and waiting for the opportune moment, blocking most of their maneuvers, although a few got through but the weak techniques did not hurt him much.

As they were moving about the two students began yelling racial slurs at Ug about his orcish heritage that was evident upon his face. Replying with a simple and calm, “I will break you,” Ug saw an opening and launched his Mountain Fist strike, catching the larger of the two students in the chest and disrupting his Chi energy and stunning him. Following up with a quick side kick to the face, Ug dropped him unconscious. Spurred on by the victory, Ug turned, neatly dodging the other students blow, and struck him across the face nearly sending him over the cliff.

Joining his master at the cliff, Ug began laughing heartily when his master leaned over with a smile and said, “I never thought the day would come when I would say that I was happy to see you break the wind.

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