The Chromatic Dragon, Queen of the Evil Dragons

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Destruction, Evil, Law, Scalykind, Trickery
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Symbol: Five-headed dragon

Favored Weapon: Claw -or- Scimitar

Portfolio: Evil Dragons, Conquest

Queen of evil dragons, Tiamat is the rival to Bahamut. She spreads evil whenever possible, teaching her followers that the most important things in life are the defeat of good and the spread of evil. She is very subtle however, preferring to lurk in the shadows, using others to further her machinations. She is concerned wherever evil dragons are concerned as it was she who created the chromatic dragons, causing Bahamut to create his own metallic dragons to keep hers in check.

There are very few Clerics to Tiamat, and almost all of them are dragons or have dragon heritage. Though, she has been known to allow powerful creatures of other races to join her ranks if they can prove their worth. There are fewer temples to Tiamat than any other deity except Bahamut; she prefers shrines in the lairs of her followers. Most evil dragons, however, place their shrines to Tiamat in separate caverns, stocked with treasure and sacrifice, because they do not want Tiamat eying their treasure hoards.

The clergy of Tiamat is very hidden and reclusive, shying away from political or national affiliations. They prefer to act on their own accord, helping to further the cause of evil or hinder the efforts of good whenever possible. Wherever there are Clerics to Bahamut there will be Clerics to Tiamat, fighting them every step of the way.

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