The Tale Of Nim The Treekin

Now, don't misunderstand me… I love him and all… but Nim was a simple creature.

Now when I say simple, I mean… SIMPLE.

Hmmm, I guess I can't judge him, I mean he did come from a sapling of one of the oldest trees in Endrel Forest. Maybe it was too much pixie dust, or maybe one to many earthworm lines, or, ya know, it could have been when that large smelly ogre magi walked by and passed gas… but in any account, some force of nature had up-rooted Nim.

Growing legs and arms, sprouting limbs he has only seen standing over him spouting water. He was estatic, amazed, and bewildered.

Giving his mother a hug goodbye, he said "I'll be back don't worry… I will be protecting the others for you now that i can walk."

"What?… What is it mother?"

*A breeze of rustling leaves*

"Oh! thank you so much mother, I will always remember you for these gifts of nature you grant me."

The young lad —*cough* Now how is 325 years a young lad? So as I was saying…

…the lad tromped off into the forest to wander helping, healing, mending and protecting all the trees. Played games with the pixies and lay on the moss covered stones with the nymphs.

Now years went by… yes years…

How many?

Oh, maybe 50? or 100? or 500? I guess when you're over 1000 years old you stop counting.

…but in any account, wars grew worse and the neutral status the forest held was being corrupted by That Bastard in The Marsh, and the peaceful existence he had with the creatures was in ruins.

"I must aid the elves in their stand to protect from the evil that lurks!"

So for a treekin, and not being so simple anymore, he melded into the wars of the lands he lived in, and joined in the battle.

Maybe at some point you might have the honor to fight alongside such a brave sapling. 'Til another time and another story…

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