The Final Nine


By Finningstop Malkavin

There comes a time in each man’s day,
When all good things have gone away.

When fire and ash have burnt the ground,
And deafening silence the only sound.

When fields of bodies meet the sky,
No loved ones near to say goodbye.

Upon this place nine men stood still,
Looking upon the days long kill.

They stared upon the grisly scene,
The will in their hearts growing lean,

For upon the hill across the vale,
A being stood grave and pale,

They knew their fate would be assured,
The trial to come could not be endured,

Weak and weary, they went anyway,
Looking upon this cold ember day,

Innocents still there were to protect,
A stunning onslaught they must direct,

For if they were to win this fight,
Their sacrifice would not be slight,

But fear they held not in their heart,
They knew this world they’d soon depart,

For, there comes a time in each mans day,
When all good things have gone away.

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