The Awakened

Chapter 1:

“She hath done what? Speak unto me, child. Relay the news that thou hast heard so readily, and speaketh not of matters unrelated, for this news is of dire import.”

“Yes my lord. It shall be so. I have heard, in hours short passed, that she has awoken, and brought with her a force to bear. Hearing of the hero, Aurakkas, and his winged bearers of gold, the fire of her hatred was stoked. Your dragons fight the evil of Lachesta and his allies, and until late have remained unmolested. Now, that is not the case. Her dragons have awoken and risen to fight alongside the forces of evil. You had to know your actions would draw her eye, my Lord.”

“Thou speakest the truth, know I did what consequences would be wrought by mine own righteousness. But that doeth not change what hath happened, nor does it excuse the audacity of the Unspoken One in his creation of this…this atrocity which he hath dubbed Ortimus. Amongst my brethren, there are those who woudst forget his actions during the time of troubles, but I will not count myself amongst them. All of existence must ban together if his light is to be permanently quenched. Standing shoulder to shoulder we must banish this manxome foe so that his evil intent shall never see through to fruition. Gather thou my priests verily unto thee, and let it be known that we march for the gathering in the east. When the time cometh, my forces will stand with the Cudgel and the Invincible. Shoulder to shoulder he will not gain foothold here.”

“Yes my lord. It shall be so.”

Chapter 2

Around the Chromatic Dragon, her champions stood, rigid at attention for fear of angering their queen. Hundreds stood, arrayed in armor of all kinds, vicious weapons hung on belt or back, seasoned warriors all. Deep within the volcano upon the Isle of Raktas they had been summoned to answer the call of their queen. From every corner of Warj’Arune they had flocked, like locusts, to give their life in her pursuit of power; each promised their deepest desire if they proved to be the one who turned the tide. At last she spoke, and the volcano shook with the power of her words, the strength of her will.

“So he marches unto the East doeth he? Oh, mine brother, long have you stood in my way, countered my every move with thine own, but no longer shall it be. The time draws nigh when the forces of good shall bend knee unto me, when thou shalt not be there as protector to save them from the mistakes of their placidity. All hath been set into motion, motion more powerful than any god or goddess of this plane couldst know. Come unto me, servants, chosen of thine Mistress, Champions of the Queen of all Evil Dragons, awaken unto the power of the gods!”

A glow arose from each of Tiamat’s chromatic colored heads, rising violently until none could keep their stare upon her. From each head the glow descended upon different warriors, encompassing them in the luminosity of their Queen. The brightness intensified, all colors blending into a single blinding whiteness that shook the very island upon which they stood. The sea boiled, white froth cascaded down upon the beaches in unnatural waves, mistimed and out of synch with nature. Lava flowed readily outwards, over the top of the mountain, heating until the cavern was naught but an oven in which no life could survive. But survive they did, protected by the strength of their goddess, as clouds gathered overhead, raining lightning down upon the slopes and beaches of the tiny island. When at last the brilliance subsided, where her legions had stood, now arose creatures from nightmares. Where before had stood man, orc, and goblin, now stood horrid deformities of their former self. Coated in scales, with an array of wings and tails now fully formed, an army of dragon warriors raised a cheer in the sweltering heat of the volcano.

Marching outwards, the army began its journey to the gathering mass in the East. With her new warriors, the Awakened, Tiamat was convinced of her imminent victory.

“Come to me, mine brother, bane of my existence. Soon we shall see whose strength prevails. Thou standeth on the edge of a cliff of thine own making, prepare for the fall.”

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