The Most Revered & Ancient Wisdom Of The Grand Arhat Kayo'Won'Tu'Ten

(and the Most Despicable Lies of the Demonridden Won'Hi'Lo)

In times long past, the Way was but one Way, the Way of Ku’Lin. In those most peaceful of times, there was but one master of all the art, the Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li. And the most Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li was as wise as the ages; his life had graced Warj’Arune for centuries untold, longer than any could remember. But as all things must, so too was his flame flickering to an end. Uppermost among his disciples were the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten and his younger, the Demonridden Won’Hi’Lo. Close were these two, as brothers they trained, and as the eldest, the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten took the Deomonridden Won’Hi’Lo under his wing as tutor and guide. And as they were the chosen disciples of the Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li, upon his death, one was to be chosen to become the Grand Arhat. But, deceit was in the nature of the Deomonridden Won’Hi’Lo, and the Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li died before he was able to announce his choice, though all knew it to be the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten.

In the chamber of the most Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li a challenge was to take place, where both disciples would prove their knowledge of the secret techniques of the Way taught to them by the most Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li, proving who had been chosen to be the vessel through which the knowledge of the Way would be passed down to the future generations. So stood the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten with the Deomonridden Won’Hi’Lo in front of the remaining elders to prove their contention to the title of Grand Arhat.

Easily the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten strode forward and demonstrated the Way of Guiding the Hands of Those Who Cannot, the ultimate technique of Ku’Lin in which none who are around will attack the user. So in tuned with the world was the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten that even the eldest of the elders were not able to bring their fists to bear against him. In awe they stood, for he had demonstrated what only the chosen of the most Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li could know.

But deceit was in the nature of the Deomonridden Won’Hi’Lo, and he had spied on the most Honorable Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li in his lessons with the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten, and had practiced in private his illicit learnings, stolen from the masters. Stepping forward, he too demonstrated the Way of Guiding the Hands of Those Who Cannot. But this cannot be! And the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten was able to see the flaw in his technique; the flaw that only one who had been truly instructed could see: that on the third movement, the Deomonridden Won’Hi’Lo’s foot was in the Blossom position, when the true Master knew that the third movement required one’s foot to be in the Lotus position! This was a minor error, to be sure, for the Demonridden Won'Hi'Lo had practiced well indeed, and which explains why the technique still worked almost perfectly.

Storming forward, the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten called out the liar for who he was, and showed the elders where his flaw lay, a feat that could only be proven by the true disciple of the Grand Arhat Meng’Tro’Twa’Fo’Li. In shame the Demonridden Won'Hi'Lo was banished forthwith from the temple, dishonored in his deceit. Those who had been tainted by his lies cried for his return, and soon were cast out in their own shame.

The new Grand Arhat, the Most Revered Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten soon rose above the former teachings of his master, and developed his School of Earth and Stone as the new face of Ku’Lin, the new path of the Way. His techniques showed his power, and soon he raised the school to an all new level of perfection under his most excellent teachings. But, the serenity of the peace the Most Revered Grand Arhat Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten had created was not to last, as soon the Demonridden Won'Hi'Lo arose from his shadows with his School of Wind and Storms, a horrible and weak perversion of the teachings of the Most Revered Grand Arhat Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten. Since that time, the students of Wind and Storm have been a thorn in the soles of the Most Revered Grand Arhat Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten’s feet, constantly assaulting his schools, and trying to pervert his teachings to their evil. They must be stopped, and their grand master, the Demonridden Won’Hi’Lo brought to bear for the evil he has brought to this world. Until such a time as their wicked perversion is stricken from the face of Warj’Arune, the students of Earth and Stone must follow the wisdom of the Most Revered Grand Arhat Kayo’Won’Tu’Ten while ensuring that the most despicable lies of the Demonridden Won’Hi’Lo do not take root and bring ruin to this world.

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