St. Cuthbert

St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Destruction, Law, Protection, Strength
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Symbol: Ruby studded starburst

Favored Weapon: Mace

Portfolio: Retribution, Common Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, Discipline

St. Cuthbert is the deity of vengeance and retribution, exacting harsh punishment for those who step outside the bounds of the law. His teachings are recorded by his followers in a tome called the “Word of the Cudgel” and to them, the word is law. St. Cuthbert does not tolerate weakness among his followers, either in body or faith, and values honor and valor above all else.

Clerics of St. Cuthbert spread the “Word of the Cudgel” everywhere they go so that all may partake in the wisdom of St. Cuthbert. Followers of St. Cuthbert are encouraged to bring unbelievers into his following, to show them the Word of St. Cuthbert. His clerics are stern individuals who do not tolerate foolishness or waste, nor do they tolerate wavering faith. They study in the arts of war, and often serve as "The Law" in towns and villages. Temples to St. Cuthbert are solid militaristic structures, and are often shared by followers of Heironeous. Upon their entrances are inscribed favorite quotes from the “Word of the Cudgel”.

The clergy of St. Cuthbert is tied in closely with the Knights of the Last Stand, and more loosely affiliated with the clergy of Heironeous. It holds political power in the cities along the western coast of Sartii, and is spreading into the smaller villages in the forest and on the southern border near Ravannah. While Heironeous' followers fight to keep evil out of the empire, those who follow St. Cuthbert prefer to enforce the law of the land in maintenance of Sartii.

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