Character Classes

All of the base classes and prestige classes listed in the 3.5 SRD are available for play, though there are some special rules and modifications that apply to some of them.

Single-Class Paragon Option

Sometimes you don't want to have to optimize your character just to keep up with the rest of your party. Warj'Arune is an action-packed role-play campaign: here role-playing is required and rewarded, and, you -also- need to have a character that can tough out combat and conflict. Enter the Single-Class Paragon option:

  • Spend a feat on "Single-Class Paragon". The only requirement is that you only have levels in a single character class.
  • You also choose give up the right to multi-class, for the life of the character.
  • You now automatically (and retroactively) accrue class-archtype bonuses over the life of your character, that will keep you on par with heavily optimized characters. These bonuses maintain the flavor of your character class, and many are not available in any other way.
  • Some character classes have more than one Paragon option, due to specific Faction or Racial variants.


Changes To Existing Classes

There are a number of character classes with special rules & considerations in the world of Warj'Arune. Please browse through the following links to learn more about the special issues that apply to each of these character classes:


New Prestige Classes

There are a handful of additional prestige classes available in this campaign setting:

  • Others


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