Tales Of Sir Brendor: Volume 2

“But ye ain’t here to listen t’me talk ‘bout meself, are ye? Ye want to know the real stories. Well, where to start, but at th’ beginnin’? Folk talk ‘bout ‘ow ‘is dad was a big ol’ general in the south, won all kinds o’ wars, but they don’ mention that ‘e never had a good word for ‘is son. Drove ‘im right into the arms of St. Cuthbert, ‘e did. Ye know most o’ them Knights swear t’ Heironeous, lookin’ fer valor ‘n deeds o’ glory, but young Brendor was ripe fer the teachin’s o’ justice ‘n retribution. Now don’t be gettin' me wrong; ‘e’s humble as can be fer a man of ‘is stature, but ‘e’s mortal fierce to cross, and not one fer forgiveness, ‘less it’s with ‘is sword. ‘E’s happy to forgive ye after ‘e’s sent ye to answer to yer own god.

“Anyway, Brendor, ‘e came to th’ church with a passion fer justice and a head full o’ anger ‘n frustration. Some’ow th’ priests turned ‘im around, or else ‘e already ‘ad a touch o’ ‘is destiny ‘bout ‘im, cause ‘e came out in no time as a squire in the service o’ St. Cuthbert o’ the Cudgel. Not that ‘e uses a club, mind ye. They called ‘im th’ Greatsword e’en afore ‘e got into th’ Knights, as ‘e trained with a cleaver what stood higher’n mos’ folks heads by itself. A man’d have to be mighty brave t’ stand in front o’ that piece o’ steel, ‘e would. ‘Course, to see ‘im ridin’ on ‘is charger, layin’ about wi’ that blade for all e’s worth, sendin’ heads a’flyin’ an’ the forces o’ evil to runnin’, is ‘nough t’ make a man believe in the righteous path agin, e’en if only t’ stay out o’ the way o’ the likes of men like Sir Brendor.

“I could go on ‘bout ‘is prowess fer hours. But ye want to hear ‘bout ‘is adventures ‘n exploits, now don’t ye? ‘Bout how ‘e first got famous, ‘e an’ ‘is friends? Yep, I said ‘e an’ ‘is friends. Summat ‘bout young folks, they seem t’ think that a hero jes’ up an’ decides t’ go battle evil, an’ ‘e tromps out ‘n stomps on some baddies all by his lonesome. Those ones as don’t unlearn that partic’lr folly come home ‘n pieces, if’n they come home at all. Ye always bring friends ‘long, e’en if ye just use ‘em t’ hide behind while ye claim all the glory. Not that Brendor was e’er anywhere but th’ front – an’ ‘e paid fer it, too. In th’ early days, often as not, they had t’ drag ‘im off o’ ‘is foes ‘n patch ‘im up afore ‘e could jump back into th’ fray.

“But ‘is real first test was this real nest o’ serpents. Hidin’ in the bowels o’ Sarterus, they were, some cult as swore to Nerull, or so I heard. That ain’t so unusual; seems the Knights ‘n priests ‘re always rootin’ out some cult o’ other. What were odd ‘bout it was the boss cultist – they ‘ad some girl, if ye can believe it, callin’ ‘erself th’ Scarlet Falcon o’ some sech. She was s’posed t’ be some kind o’ ancient leader o’ theirs, raised o’ reincarnated o’ somethin’ t’ lead ‘em into a new age o’ depravity. An’ they set their sights on eradicatin’ the most likely folk t’ oppose ‘em, th’ Knights o’ Sarterus.

“T’ be fair, twasn’t really until th’ Knights started makin’ ‘emselves felt to th’ cultists – bustin’ up their meetin’s an’ takin’ out some o’ their thugs, that they ‘ad it in fer th’ Knights special like. Seems Brendor an’ ‘is friends in partic’lr ‘ad a role in huntin’ ‘em down in th’ sewers beneath th’ city. But they went an’ laid in an assault on the Temple o’ St. Cuthbert itself, if you believe! Might’ve won to, if it hadn’t been fer Brendor ‘n ‘is friends. They stood ‘em off right there in the courtyard, or so I heard, o’er a heap o’ their own dead. They say Brendor ‘ad ‘is horse flamestruck right out from under ‘im, but ‘e fought on, an’ cut down that Falcon girl right in front o’ her own troops. Sent ‘em to runnin’ good, that did.

“Now, most folks think that’s th’ end of th’ story. What they don’ know is that th’ cultists ‘ad some even more powerful magicker wi’ ‘em, who went an’ raised th’ Falcon right from under th’ noses o’ th’ Knights. An’ Brendor ‘n his friends ‘ad ta go out and kill ‘er all over agin, an’ hunt down an’ kill th’ rest o’ the cult all by themselves. Y’see, a true hero don’t leave the job half done. ‘E goes out and does whate’er it takes t’ do it right.

“Well, stranger, seems t’be getting late, an’ it looks like ye better be stayin’ the night. I got plenty more stories ‘bout Sir Brendor, if’n yer willin’ t’ wait ‘til th’ mornin’. Why, th’ story o’ how ‘e led a whole army out to th’ east t’ liberate the cities what’re now Heiron, Pelorean, an’ Garlan from th’ Black Scourge s’worth a whole day’s tale in itself. And then there’s how ‘e got that big ol’ suit o’ dragon armor, an’ lots more. But I see yer yawnin’, an I’ll see ye again in th’ morning, I’m sure. G’night!”

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