Session 06 Recap


submitted by John


The Town

  • The party comes across a town
  • Upon investigation there are inhabitants
  • Townsfolk know that the party are not from around the area
  • One of the townsfolk is from War’jarune, a soldier in the Sartii military
  • As the party talks amongst each other and the town folk, the town folk are in awe of a cleric in their presence (Alexander), and alarmed that one of the vampires have been slain
  • The town is part of the a land area considered neutral territory among the surrounding areas controlled by various powers
  • The kingdom fabled to be created by the Knights of the Last Stand is west of where the town is past the adjacent territory
  • A crypt is mentioned nearby and the party goes to investigate
  • There is a very large wolf that eyes the party from the edge of town almost the entire time
  • Alexander gains an entourage of 6 body guards

The Crypt

  • Two of the towns folk guide the party to the graveyard that hold the crypt that is to possess some spirit
  • The graveyard is protected by a number of gargoyles that engage the party
  • The party reaches the crypt and upon entering are engaged by magical guardians
  • The party is able to defeat the guardians when the discover that they must destroy the statues in the room
  • After passing the antechamber of the crypt the party discovers a large room that leads to three different parts of the crypt, in the middle of the crypt is a pile of discarded bodies
  • One part of the crypt is a temple to We Jas
  • Another is collapsed and is filled with black jelly which the party dispatches
  • The final part leads to the rest of the crypt
  • The party explores discovering that one of the towns folk is a necromancer and in league with one of the powers contending for the neutral territory
  • Jack, Threz, and Ug clear rubble for the jelly room in hopes of finding treasure
  • A ghost/specter ambushes Kaemon while he is exploring the crypt further
  • As the party begins to regroup more are weakened by the ghost/specter
  • The party learns that the temple of We Jas is safe ground from the ghost/specter
  • The party eventually defeats the ghost/specter
  • The party spends the night in the temple to recover

Return from the Crypt

  • The party finds multiple corpses of wolves and dogs along with one of the vampire’s wolves.
  • Further down the road the find more corpses of wolves and dogs along with the other of the vampire’s wolves
  • Jack encounters the super giant wolf that had been eyeing the party from the outskirts of town
  • Kaemon befriends the animal
  • The party hurries back to the town and discover it has been raided
  • Investigation reveals it is the vampires that the party had encountered before who have burned and slain the villagers
  • Kaemon finds the tracks of Alexander’s entourage finding body after body and learning it is three of the vampires who were playing cat and mouse with them
  • Eventually he tracks the last member of the entourage the only one left alive in a cave.
  • Also in the cave is the long dead corpse of a druid, who was the apparent guardian of the neutral territory and the one responsible for keeping it that way
  • The big super giant wolf was a close friend of the druid
  • The wolf was also more intelligent but has become less so over the years
  • Vivienne, Threz, and Ug investigate a building that has been untouched by the assault and discover it to be where the necromancer had been operating protected by a flesh golem
  • Both the necromancer and golem are eventually dispatched


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