Recap - Session IV


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Introduction – Assault on Brightstone

• The two remaining trolls that defend Brightstone retreat into on of the slave pens

• The group secures the courtyard of Brightstone while the winter wolf looks on

• Unbeknownst to the group three pairs of eyes watch them from the rooftop of the slave pen that the trolls did not go into

• Jack discusses with the winter wolf about it’s freedom and the rewards for that freedom, but is dissuaded by Lilliana and Elik

• The group with the exception of Alexander pursue the trolls to the slave pen they have holed themselves up in with Jack and Threz approaching the main doors on the ground level and Lilliana, Pooki, and Elik from the side door

• Alexander discusses freedom with the winter wolf in exchange for its aid and location of the keep’s treasure

• The trolls attempt to ambush the party as they approach the slave pen

• The troll that ambushes Jack and Threz is in turn ambushed by the three rangers on top of the other slave pen

• During combat Alexander frees the winter wolf which is noticed by almost everyone in the party and even though the winter wolf does aid the party in the combat it does not attack them either, but instead flees the keep without ever telling Alexander about any treasure

• The trolls quickly succumb to the party with the aid of the three rangers

• Kaemon introduces himself and there is a brief tiff between him and Alexander as one thinks one as being a foolish moron and the other rather rude and uncouth

• Slaves are freed by Pooki while Jack, Kaemon, and Threz introduce and get to know each other better

• Kaemon learns of the war for the first time and grows concerned for his tribe

• With the keep secured it is searched by the party for supplies and discover that it is the water from the well that is protecting the keep from the deadly mist

The cave – Chief Zoog, Deathflail of Gruumsh, and, A Knight’s Lost Love

• Kaemon tells the others of the cave where his group have made notes that the orc officers have been seen going into and out of it

• Confirming this with the slaves it is a mine

• They equip the slaves able to fight with the dead orc’s gear and have the majority of them stay at the keep to protect the rest of the slaves along with one of the ranger’s that Kaemon is working with

• The party approaches the cave for investigation and upon opening the gate are attacked by undead

• Alexander takes control of some of the undead and a battle ensues between the party and a number of undead led by an orc necromancer

• During the battle the party discovers the fate of the knight’s lover and are able to save her soul and bring her spirit to peace

• The party manages to slay the necromancer, but not before he can activate a necromantic altar to destroy all in the cave

• During the retreat Kaemon is fatally wounded in aiding Elik and Threz out of the cave

• Alexander covers the party’s retreat from the pursuing undead that remain

• Lilliana is able to stabilize Kaemon and as the cliff side begins to crack, cave-in, and landslide the party flees to the keep

• After the explosion which has damaged part of the keep Jack and Kaemon go back to the cave to salvage any treasure that survived the explosion and obtain proof that the orc leader is dead

The well and the keep – Endrel Marsh Escort

• To try and vanquish another evil the group debates as to how to deal with the remaining orcs when they return from their raiding as well as decide on how to get the slaves out of the marsh safely and back to Bridgekeep

• As the party sets up the defenses they discover what appears to be orders, but are unfamiliar with the language

• Jack and Kaemon explore the mysteries of the well

• Lilliana attempts to track down the orc raiders

• Alexander and Threz discuss strategy

• Elik oversees the setup of the defenses

• Jack, Kaemon, Threz, Elik, and Alexander are visited by a shadowy being seeking the “stoned one” while Kaemon recognizes it as a creature affected or linked to the Great Rift Jack provokes the creature and it leaves

• Lilliana’s experiment of mixing the well water with the herbs proves that the combination will allow them to get everyone safely back to Bridgekeep

• No longer able to wait any longer with supplies running low, the sense of dread brought by the dark visitor, and the benefit of Lilliana’s gamble the party sets off to Bridgekeep

Bridgekeep – Gather Reinforcements and Proof of Orc and Ogres

• The party manages to make it to Bridgekeep with zero casualties and little incident

• With the threat of the orc raiders neutralized Bridgekeep will send approximately 150 men and elves to Rudik’s Pass as reinforcements

• The papers found earlier at the keep are translated and show that there is a connection between the orcs and the ogres

• The knights of the last stand and the party decide to head out together ahead of the rest of the reinforcements

• At the crossroads on the way to Rudik’s Pass the party discovers the fate of the orc raiders, winterwolf, and the halfling slave that went missing back at Brightstone

Rudik’s Pass – Return Messages

• Arrive at Rudik’s Pass and deliver all the information they have learned to the appropriate authorities

• The officials are disturbed by the news that the orcs and ogres have been working together as well as the presence of this shadow creature

• The party gathers more information as to what has been going on while they were away

• Upgrade equipment and gear

• Party is reunited with Ug, Derek, and Vivianne

• The after much discussion the party suggests that the shadow creature is after either Ug, Derek, or both of them

• In a meeting with a high mage of Sartii the group learns that the Ravannese have traveled up from the Great Desert to Rudik’s pass in a day or two which is impossible and that all means communication to the twin cities is being blocked as well as scrying and teleportation

• A strike force composed of Jack, Threz, Lilliana, Pooki, Alexander, Kaemon, Elik, Ug, Derek, Vivianne, and later on two dwarves are to infiltrate the Ravannese base camp from the rear while the Sartii army pours out of Rudik’s Pass for a preemptive strike

• With the aid of Kaemon the group is able to approach the camp with out incident but it is noted that there is no wildlife activity in the area both on the ground and in the air

• The group single out three tents as points of interest as Kaemon points out they are radiating strong magic, however the tent on the left eminates a magical aura different then the other two

• It is decided to divide the group up with Ug, Derek, Vivianne, and the two dwarves to assault the right tent as a distraction and investigate if possible, while the remainder of the group infiltrate and investigate the left tent

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