The Laughing Rogue

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Luck, Trickery
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Symbol: Laughing mask

Favored Weapon: Rapier

Portfolio: Rogues, Music, Revelry, Wine, Humor, Tricks

A deity of rogues and drunken revelry, Olidammara is the prankster of the gods. Even more so than Garl Glittergold, Olidammara loves a good prank, whether it be done on himself or someone else. He teaches his clerics to appreciate the prank for its break in order and predictable routine, espousing such chaos in their lives. He is a lover of music and fine wine, and endless entertainment. His one true teaching is to avoid misery, temperance, and solemnity, for those are the true evils to the soul.

Clerics of Olidammara are few and far between, though they usually work alongside common folk in towns and taverns, making wine and music. Temples to Olidammara are also very sparse, but shrines to him can be found in almost every drinking establishment. The few actual temples that do exist often double as a hideout for thieves.

Due to their constant drinking and revelry, the clergy of Olidammara are not found in any political arena. Due to their pranks and practical jokes, the clergy of Olidammara are NOT WELCOME in any political arena, either. Nevertheless, they are welcome in almost every surfacer community for the wine they bring, though they are watched rather closely. In Ravannah, they are more prevalent, even forming temples inside city walls.

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