The Reaper, The Foe of All Good, Hater of Life, Bringer of Darkness, King of All Gloom, Reaper of Flesh

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Death, Evil, Darkness, Trickery
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Symbol: Skull and scythe

Favored Weapon: Scythe

Portfolio: Death, Darkness, Murder, Underworld

Nerull is the god of Death, feared across Warj'Arune. He hates all life, as it is an affront to his Underworld sensibilities. He celebrates murder and death of all kinds, as his clerics seek to bring death in his name. Those that pray to him for help only bring his wrath upon themselves, but those who kill in his name reap his rewards.

Clerics to Nerull are most often disguised, though wear rust-red clothes when not. There are few areas where they are tolerated let alone welcomed, but are feared worldwide. There is no hierarchy in the temple to Nerull, some priests wander the world, committing murders until suspicions are aroused, then moving on. The few temples to Nerull that do exist are underground, often found in catacombs, and are full of undead and other things that revel in the destruction of life.

The clergy of Nerull is not welcome in any city in Ravannah or Sartii, though they care little for politics. Few Clerics of Nerull are known publicly, but all are feared. Lone Clerics of Nerull have been known to demand policy change of a Ravanese city, which has always been followed, though officially for other reasons.

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