Gnomesmasher, The Watcher, The Lone God

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Earth, Evil, Scalykind, Luck, Trickery, War
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Symbol: Gnome skull

Favored Weapon: Spear

Portfolio: Kobolds, trapmaking, mining, war

Patron deity of Kobolds, Kurtulmak is a savage deity who is alone in his hatred of the world. He hates everything that is not Kobold, with an especially vile hatred of Gnomes or anything Gnomish. Once Garl Glittergold collapsed a mine on his head, he has since that day made it his mission to wipe Gnomes from the face of Warj'Arune. It is rumored that during the Tanarri Wars, neither side wanted him, and he was left on his own. It was this mistake that invariably saved the world, for his vengeance against the gods of evil led to their ultimate defeat. Since then, he has withdrawn himself from the rest of the pantheon and few know of his whereabouts.

Clerics to Kurtulmak are only Kobolds and refuse to accept any other race into their order. That said, they will allow other races to enter their order secretly if they are able to complete a certain quest, and are then considered to be Kobolds by all other Kobolds. Though, if asked about this, they maintain that only Kobolds can be in the clergy of Kurtulmak.

The clergy of Kurtulmak is not welcome anywhere on the surface or Underdark aside from Kobold cities. They have temples everywhere Kobolds live, and are almost always the leaders of these cities. It is rumored that Kurtulmak is gathering forces to the east of the Great Rift, planning to bring his vengeance to the world for its insults. This rumor is considered to be a joke by most, perhaps a terrible misunderstanding of the more real rumor of the Orcish force. Oddly enough, those few souls who have made the journey east and returned have all been found insane, muttering constantly about "flying kobolds".

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