Alexander & Selene: Discussions of Wee Jas


Unless otherwise stated, this conversation is private to the rest of the group

…Discussion with Selene in temple when gang gets the horse…

“Alexander, what was all of that nonsense? Why did you need me to stay here, and what happened when you were in the temple?” Selene asked with a clipped rapid fire set of questions, clearly baffled by Alexander’s strange behavior.

Alexander said nothing, however, his eyes ranging quickly to see where the others had gone, then glancing back to the small sanctuary for his goddess behind him. Then, considering for a minute, he spoke.

“I prayed for a time, seeking guidance from my goddess on the matters of the vision,” he said, his eyes somewhat distant, thoughtful.

“What did your goddess reveal?”

“I felt peace there Selene… like I have not felt for a long time…” he added, his voice drifting off. “I asked my goddess what her plans for me were. What she wanted me to do.”

“And…?” Selene asked, eager for answers, but attempting to be patient so as not to upset him.

“She would tell me nothing. I knew that she gave me peace, and that in her presence I felt a sense of tranquility. But that is not enough, Selene. Some men are born to this world for a life of gentle repose, but others are born for a greater purpose. They’re born for something more… something more worthy,” he added, his pride starting to show.

“Shouldn’t following your goddess be worthy enough?” Selene asked, somewhat confusedly.

“You forget, my dear, why I aligned myself to Wee Jas to begin with,” he said, turning a cool look to the beautifully wrought altar. “The gods are powerful beings, and they gift their followers with power still. A student of the gods, therefore, gains power in measure with the greatness of their deity. The more they bring into the flock of their patron, the greater the number of worshipers. The more worshipers, the more power a deity gains, naturally. By assisting me, my patron goddess allows me to assist her, and as such, by assisting her I further my own ends, as she does.”

Selene’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. “This sounds surprisingly like your words regarding your intentions with the villagers.”

“Yes,” he answered with a matter of fact tone “and indeed it may seem somewhat callous. But consider the theological implications; my goddess is a goddess of death. Her followers can utilize the powers of death, and the powers to bring death and even control the undead. Yet to do these things… this is not an evil action. Her followers are forgiven for these choices, all for the greater good. So it is… for she will judge me for my desire to seek the greater good. And further my ends, and of course, hers.”

“What about your love for your goddess? Your fealty to her?” she asked with a nervous voice.

“I do love my goddess, but I also love the higher purpose that we both seek after. A world of law, a world of order. And I will bring that to pass. I swear it,” he added forcefully.”


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