Alexander & Selene: Arrival in Ortimus

Unless otherwise stated, this conversation is private to the rest of the group

…During the examination of the Pentagram the party is examining the room for ways of escape. During that time Alexander motions for Selene to come to him so they can talk somewhat privately.

“Selene, what are you doing here?” Alexander asked with concern as they both awoke from the magical transportation.

“I was witnessing you with a spell of scrying and somehow drawn here with a tremendous power. I don’t know how or why, however,” she returned, keeping her emotions from her face, though it seemed she was somewhat confused or dazed from the magical spell.

“I see…,” he responded, thinking for a moment. “Tell me, how elaborate was your scrying, that is; how much of my party did you witness?” he asked.

“Enough, Alexander. But during the time I spent before the recent scrying I’ve seen grave things abroad, and I also have many issues to discuss from your father’s estates as well…” she said, her tone remaining neutral, though her eyes lost some of their calm, becoming more intense.

“Indeed? How is Gaius?” Alexander asked with a sardonic smile.

“Your father is well as can be expected,” she answered brushing the question off as the sarcasm that it was. “Though I should add that your letter had some of the desired effect, and he has lately sent forces to the north to examine the planar rift area.”

“Indeed?” he asked with sudden curiosity. “Has the Duke moved against him?”

“I think not…,”she said looking quickly at the others. “He seems hesitant to take action against a prominent Council Member with only circumstantial evidence at best.”

“Damn…,” he cursed. “It will take far too long for Antaris to do something concrete. He must be motivated,” he added hammering his palm with his fist.

“Of course, Alexander,” she said placing a soothing hand on his bicep. “but in the meanwhile, we seem to be trapped here. What now are your plans?” she asked briskly, eager for action.

“As of now, I have no particular ‘plans’, at least with regards to escaping. As of yet, I don’t even know where we are,” Alexander responded in a somewhat dismissive tone, then, thinking for a moment he added. “As of now, my observations have led me to believe that I and these other fellows have been drawn together via a destiny of some high matter. My duty… OUR duty seems to be to find the reason the gods or whatever higher powers are using us; what their plans are; then analyze these elements for the greatest possibility to assist us in our own ultimate plans. As you are here with me, I must assume the gods or some higher power have brought you here as well for their purposes.”

“Perhaps, Alexander,” she said looking around the room at the companions that she was now with. “Speaking of higher power or purposes… I should state that our… investigations with the planar beings have been progressing. Moreover, your forays into the Halfling… auxiliaries?… have been progressing well, also.”

“Thank you Selene,” Alexander said after a long moment, digesting this news. “As you know, I foresee great things with these examinations.”

“I have always had faith in your ideas, Alexander,” she said with a wry smile, her eyes softening. Then, quickly mastering her emotions and seeing the others in the room seeming to be done with their cursory examinations she gave a last bit of information, though quietly and more intently “I will offer one piece of somewhat disturbing news… Karnak, the brother of Moruk, has raised his own banner and assembled a group of mercenaries under his standard and declared vendetta against our House.”

Alexander let out a hiss of breath, then calmed after a moment.

“Thank you Selene…” he said, his eyes cold. Then looking beyond at his companions at the door his eyes narrowed as they turned to him, seeking his assistance. “But come, they have need of my services. I believe I can use my powers to free us from this chamber, though were it will lead, I do not know. We can talk more of these things soon enough.”

“I thank you, Alexander,” she added, putting her hand on his chest gently. “Though I would do more then talk, if we have time…?”

“Ha!” he responded with a short bark of a laugh, his eyes glittering. “For you, dear one, I’ll make time…”

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