Campaign Setting Rules

We want to deliver an absolutely phenomenal gaming experience, and will settle for nothing less. As such, we expect everyone who plays here to honor and participate in our community's vision.

In general, the rules and regulations in place here are all designed to empower us all as cooperative storytellers. By saying "storyteller", I am including both players and DMs. We are all in this together, to create and enjoy an inspiring piece of interactive fiction, as a community.

Warj'Arune utilizes both d20 3.5 Open Gaming License material from Wizards of the Coast, as well as the Pathfinder Community Use Policy by Piazo Publishing, LLC.

As of October 1st 2009, we have officially moved to Pathfinder as the system for our base game mechanics.

Additionally, we have made some adjustments to the rules that are based on specific aspects of our setting and storyline, or perhaps simply because they aid in balancing the game and preventing exploits.

Special note: DM's should choose whether or not they allow psionics at all in this setting. It wasn't designed with psionics in mind, and I traditionally run it without that system.

The following links cover the relevant rules for play in the Warj'Arune campaign setting. There are also several other threads with in-depth rules on specific aspects of this world. Please take the time to read through the rules:

General Rules


Character Creation



Legal Stuff

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