History Of The Tanar'ri Wars, Volume 3

In then the year, 1034 of the second age of this world, there did breaketh across the realm a war, great and terrible. And this war was so great that it shook the planes, and so terrible that it did rock the Prime Material to its very core. A war, terrible and great, that did pit man against man, god against god, and lo! Even the children wept in their mother’s wombs. The forever shunned Demons from the black of the Abyss did spew forth, mingled with the strongest of evils in this world, and did set their armies upon the prime material, rending asunder the uneasy peace that had reigned since this world was newly made. Tanshol Berman, a prominent disciple of Boccob, recounts the histories:

Webs, Words and Wiles

“An eerie voice, hollow and dead, whispered aloud, ’I cannot make any claim to be taken in surprise that you should call me here, Lolth, nor can I say unto thee that such an idea doth surprise me.’

The answer came in a roiling black darkness of a most deceitful tounge, vicious, insectile and chiding, ‘Vecna, thou art always prideful and arrogant, feigning at hidden knowledge and the ownership of great secrets. But thou canst fool me not.’ A moment of time did pass by, and the vile Spider Queen did darken the chamber with her speech once more. ‘I wager thou indeed dost know why I have summoned thee hence. Yes? I cherish no love for Lachesta, and I have learned what shall befall those who would choose to fight in Lachesta’s wars.’

‘Behold,’ came the whispered response, ‘it was into thine own ear that secrets were whispered last time. It was because of thee that he was able to steal what he did. So thou wilt now stand aside, and let the others fight in thy stead, yes? And when they all lay weakened from their battles, it is thee who shall step forth, to claim their lost power. A simple but malicious plan, there can be no doubt. And yet I am left to wonder what gain I might make by aiding you? Why should I not alert them all to thy treachery even as we speak?’

And the Spider Queen did speaketh once more unto the Master of All That Is Secret and Hidden, and from her mouth did billow the vomitous mass of darkness that did pour forth from her corrupt soul as she did bring forth wicked words, ‘Get thee hence then, and reveal all unto them. And then, what shall befall us? Thou shalt do the same as I and wait for thine chance to vanquish them all. Why should we not wait together? Thyself and myself covet the same end, utter dominion of the planes. Obviously in our visions each of us doth stand alone. Come, let us stand aside whilst the others war, then when the time draws nigh, we shall taketh for ourselves their lost power, and bring them all to destruction and ruin. Then, when all is said and the dark deed is done, thyself and myself shall have our epic standoff. On an even ground shall we do battle, and to the winner goes the spoils of the planes, and to the loser, oblivion. Vexed am I that alone I cannot fulfill this scheme, hence I have summoned thee here. Thou art to help myself in beginning this war long before Lachesta and his brood are prepared for battle, and thou art to let the secret of Lachesta’s machinations slip into the ears of one of our more goodly brethren. What say you to all of these webs I weave?’

And Vecna did stand in silence for a moment before finally speaking forth in his macabre whisper, as his physical form began to fade in the manner of smoke on a soft breeze, ‘Thou shall have my support. Know you now that the gods of good faith shall find out soon enough of Lachesta’s imminent presence on the Prime Material. Beware, any signs of early deceit and I shall reveal to the others thy black mischief. That thou would bid me to duel thee. I am humored, and yet, for any greater prize, would I not strike down the Maker himself…?’ The Spider Queen then found her treacherous self standing alone, the sounds of Vecna’s voice still washed about as echoes through the darkness. Smiling to herself, she turned to attend her defiled palace. This was turning out interesting, very interesting indeed.

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