History Of The Tanar'ri Wars, Volume 2

In then the year, 1034 of the second age of this world, there did breaketh across the realm a war, great and terrible. And this war was so great that it shook the planes, and so terrible that it did rock the Prime Material to its very core. A war, terrible and great, that did pit man against man, god against god, and lo! Even the children wept in their mother's wombs. The forever shunned Demons from the black of the Abyss did spew forth, mingled with the strongest of evils in this world, and did set their armies upon the prime material, rending asunder the uneasy peace that had reigned since this world was newly made. Tanshol Berman, a prominent disciple of Boccob, recounts the histories:

A Deal Of Pure Evil

"­And so did Lachesta, Blackest of Heart, deliver unto himself control of the plane of Ortimus, Child of the Heart of Ortis, The Arrogant. Verily and forsooth did he abandon the Abyss, favoring this new creation and the hidden channel to the Prime Material, and with cunning and patience did he move his wicked forces across boundary of the planes, further tainting the infinite beauty of Ortis' creation. But, I say unto thee, his absence from the Abyss could not go unnoticed, and lo! Little time passed until Erythnul, The Many, a god of evil and chaos, followed the dark trail of Lachesta into Ortimus. But, I proclaim unto thee now that this was not entirely unexpected, nor was it undesired, for the Blackest of Heart is both wily and cunning in his demonic ways.

The trees in Ortimus no longer shone with their original luster, for Lachesta's profane aura and that of his ever-growing army had wilted their leaves to a pale sickly green, their branches forlornly drooping with an unseen weight. Amidst the twisted reflection that Ortimus had become, Lachesta would cackle at the fate of the magus who, in his arrogance, had created this place and set the demon god free from his prison.

And a voice, ever changing shrieks and groans of pain eternal, did call out to Lachesta in his new abode, and this voice declared 'So it seems thou hast taken for thyself a fitting home at last.' A tall, grey skinned being did stand no more than an arm's reach away from the Demon God, with an oversized morningstar wailing softly in his well muscled hand, and his form shifting constantly from ogre to troll to human and back again, many races yet one.

And the Blackest of Heart chuckled as he replied, 'Erythnul, I see thou hast found myself, as I did foresee in my visions. I declare unto thee, I have finally made haste and escaped from my prison, and I declare unto thee that I shall never again return.'

And The Many did reply unto him, in his ever shifting voice, 'Know that I myself am not in this place to return thee to thy prison,­ yet. Nay, in this moment I come to speak of rumors and hearsay, to see if such things as I have heard of thee and thy recent doings are truth, and in truth, I can see that they are indeed. But thou must know that they all shall consider thee banished still, and conspire to return thee to thy prison. They have not forgotten thy crimes,­ and neither have I.'

'Know ye now, Erythnul, Lord of Chaos, that I have lead thee here, thyself and not any other. For thou hast shared the Abyss with myself for long millennia, yet unto thee the Abyss was not a binding prison as it was unto myself. And now, I sayeth unto thee, that I have found a path, a channel, back into the Prime Material plane.­ Wouldst thee listen if I spoke unto thee of a grand return, and that once present, that plane would be our own?'

'I hear thy proposition, and am listening.'

'I declare unto thee that at long last I have found a way to enter the Prime Material, and take back my birthright, our birthright. But I require thine aid, I cannot see this task complete alone. Thou knowest that as soon as I plant my feet on the Prime Material they shall join forces and expel me as they did so long ago. And yet, when I make known my forceful return, what if it were not just myself that stood against those who would have me shackled? Join me; help me bring together those who would have Evil and Chaos rule this world. Help me to overthrow those who have been keeping thyself from thine desires for millennia!'

'Help thee start a great war? Is this what thou wouldst ensnare me in? Am I to be thy new Lolth?'

'That turmoil was long ago, brother. Verily I say unto thee, I have learned from such a lesson. As thine own eyes can see, I do not hide, and I shall be at the center, unlike before. All I ask is that when the time comes, thou shalt not side with the Lords of Good Faith, thou shalt not—'

'I agree. I do not speak forth now for any others, but thou must ask of them thyself. We shall meet again. Er long, indeed, we all shall…' and The Many did vanish from Ortimus in a sickening tumult of shrieking and booming laughter.

And the Dark Meeting took place as was planned, a gathering of the gods of Evil. All were in attendance; on the one side Lachesta and Erythnul, and on the other, Gruumsh, The One Eye, Hextor, the Scourge of Battle, Lolth, the Spider Goddess, The Foe of All Good, Nerull, Tiamat, Queen of the Evil Dragons, and The Whispered One, Vecna. Only Kurtulmak was not in attendance, nor was he ever invited. A deal was spoken aloud, and when all were finished and all had been said, none stood to oppose.

And yet, moving in the open is not the way of the spider, nor the way of the Spider Queen, Lolth. A second meeting did take place on that terrible day. In the desecrated depths of the Demonweb Pits, a god and a goddess met in secret to discuss another, deeper, plot…"

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