The Guild Of The Baleful Night: Guild Guidebook

The rules are simple. Follow them and you will reap vast rewards. Break them, and you will endure even vaster punishments.

1) Obey your superiors. If you believe someone above you is breaking the rules, go to their superior. In all cases of dispute, Guildmaster Astor is has the final decision. If you have politcal ties to any other guild, nation or organization, remember that from this day forward your allegiance lies with us. We will tolerate nothing less.

2) Lend your aid to our primary allies: the Order of the Fallen, and the Soldiers of Ravannah.

3) We have a working relationship with the Matron of Morga Aborathras. Unlike most surfacers, including many of our allies, we are able to walk freely within her city. Do not abuse this privilege, nor do anything to damage that relationship.

4) Hinder the Guild of Sartii Magi at every opportunity. Hinder their allies as well. Bring death upon them if it is at all in your power to do so.

5) Do not give or sell items purchased from our members-only store to non-members. If you see a non-member with Guild items, or suspect they are getting them somehow, report this to your superiors immediately. If it is in your power to "fix" the problem yourself, you're expected to do so.

6) Capture any ancient artifacts you can find, and deliver them directly to a member of the Inner Circle. The recovery of artifacts dating back to the Tanar'ri Wars will earn you high respect and great rewards.

7) Don't ever drop your Guild Staff. Punishment for this action will be instantaneous. If you lose your Guild Staff somehow, you will have to craft another.

8) You may open a gate to the Tower of the Baleful Night from anywhere in the Prime Material plane by activating your Guild Staff and speaking aloud the following phrase, in Draconic:

"New Night that ends the Old Day"

9) It is possible to open a portal to any location for which you know the True Name. Be wary, for such locations are usually guarded well. It is well known, the name for the Tower of Sartii Magi… but you'd be a fool to go there.
Another factor affects your ability to open portals, and that is your life force. Locations with a large number of Dimensional Anchors nearby are easy to travel to, whereas those without any are beyond the skill of all but the most seasoned veterans.

10) If you wish to open a portal to Morga Aborathras, this is possible due to the artifact that resides in that city. Bear in mind, however, that you will not be able to open a portal from anywhere in the Underdark, and will likely have to leave that city by boat. The True Name to reach Morga Aborathras is:

"Heart of the Underdark's Shadow"

Again, as with most locations Named by wizards, that name must be spoken in Draconic.

If you have further questions about anything related to the Guild of the Baleful Night, approach either Master Orest Mordrag, or Guildmaster Astor.

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