The Guild Of The Baleful Night: Crafting A Guild Staff

In order to craft a Staff of the Baleful Night, you must gather the following ingredients:

1) A skeleton's knuckle.
2) A gargoyle's skull.
3) A ruby worth at least 1000 gold pieces, with the spell "Light" cast upon it.
4) A scroll of Animate Dead.
5) A scroll of Scare.
6) An enchanted quarterstaff. This should be a simple, plain enchantment that allows it to damage creatures resistant to non-magical weapons, and nothing more.

Gather all six of these ingredients, and then go to the eastern gates of Mecra. There, you must stand directly in the summoning circle, until the wail of a banshee washes over you. If you have not gathered everything mentioned above, or do not have this book in your possession, nothing will happen. If you do have all of these things in your possession, you will find the ingredients taken, and in their place an orb.

Take this orb into the Valley of Ravannah, to the North Western corner. There, you will find an ancient shrine. You must be there during nightfall in order to perform the ceremony, and you must be standing on the shrine’s pedestal. At that time, activate the magic of the orb to unleash its power.

Thusly, you will find the creation of your Guild Staff complete. This book will be consumed in the making. If you are of sufficient ability, you may at that point open a portal directly to the Tower of the Baleful Night by activating your new Guild Staff and speaking aloud the following phrase in Draconic:

"New Night that ends the Old Day"

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