Dweller on the Horizon

Alignment: True Neutral

Domains: Luck, Protection, Travel, Weather
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Symbol: Disk bearing a curved line with an upturned crescent above

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Portfolio: Horizons, Distance, Travel, Roads

As deity of travel, Fharlanghn is always on the move, and expects the same from his followers. Traveling, he insists, is the only way to experience new things, gain new perspectives. Fharlanghn favors those who are always on the move, teaching that the horizon holds the answers no matter what path one chooses to follow to get there.

Clerics of Fharlanghn wear simple brown or green traveling clothes. They travel the world, never remaining in one place for too long. Since they are always on the move, they often find themselves working as scouts or explorers of new territories or simply just guiding caravans. There are few temples to Fharlanghn, but his shrines can be found on most well used roads, serving as both shrine and rest stop for weary travelers.

Fharlanghn cares little for politics, and his clerics are not around in one place for long enough to have an affect on any individual politician. His priests do, however, constantly petition for new roads and exploration ventures, the clergy of Fharlanghn was among the foremost proponents for the creation of the Great Roads, both eastern and western, though the King of Sartii found that the same priest rarely petitioned for long before he moved on and was as quickly replaced by another.

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