What skill do I use to taunt an opponent or otherwise pick a fight?

Since there's no "Taunt" skill in d20, use the following solution:

Use Diplomacy but reverse the table. And, since it's usually much easier to piss people off than make them like you, reduce the DCs by 5.

We'll use a category labeled "Aggravated" for NPC reactions worse than "Hostile", and say that Aggravated individuals usually prefer to target you in combat, and if they think they have a chance to win they will generally ignore other available targets to hurl themselves at you gleefully :) If they are scared to fight you, they might try to go get help or find other ways to make your life difficult.

NOTE: Diplomacy checks usually take 1 minute, though they can be done as fast 1 round at a -10 penalty. Also, you'd be restricted via opponent's language and intelligence, just like normal.

SPECIAL: You can reverse Handle Animal in the same way for anyone who wanted to piss off the local fauna.

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