What subtypes of the Craft are available, and what are their Synergy bonuses?

Craft skills are somewhat open but theres The Big 5 that see the most use in game: bowmaking, weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, alchemy and trapmaking.

I've seen 5 more mentioned a handful of times each throughout the SRD: blacksmithing and carpentry (for creating the bodies of shield guardians, and other esoteric things), gemcutting, sculpting and masonry.

In Wajr'Arune, you can distill poisons from components by using Craft (Alchemy), or you can specialize in Craft (Poisonmaking) which allows you to make the checks with reduced DCs (see the Drow racial entry on the Races & Subraces page for an example of this.)

Synergy bonuses to Craft checks are always +2 to Appraise on any object that is created using that same Craft skill. See the SRD: Craft Skill

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