What languages are we allowed to take since we're starting at level 3?

With regards to language, you are limited to the starting languages listed in the SRD for your race at level 1, which is when you get all your bonus languages for having a high intelligence. Any other languages have to be bought with skill points, either at level 1, 2 or 3.

Some of the custom races for this world don't have their bonus languages listed, so let me know if you're playing a Desert Elf or Rifter or something and I'll get it squared away, but if you're going with Human for example then it's listed in the SRD as any languages besides secret ones like Druidic or Thieves Cant (unless you're starting play as a Druid or Rogue in those cases).

You could learn Thieves Cant or any other language not included among your Bonus Languages with skill points you spend at levels 1, 2 or 3, and a mention in your backstory. You cannot learn Druidic (special restrictions for that language).

Humans: Racial Statistics

Speak Languages: Skill Description

Also, Minotaurs in Warj'Arune don't speak Giant by default, unlike normal d20. They speak Common and Abyssal due to their racial heritage.

See the Minotaur entry towards the bottom of this page (alphabetical after Human): Races & Subraces

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