Religion & Dieties Of Warj'Arune

There are many deities active in the world of Warj'Arune, and they all play an important role. In general, the cosmology of Warj'Arune is drawn from standard 3.5 Edition D&D, with a small amount of variation. The pantheon of deities is organized in much the same fashion as the "pen & paper" game, and players familiar with that game, or who have read over Deities & Demigods, should find that in most ways what they know holds true here as well.

Warj'Arune is, in many ways, a story about a war in the Heavens spreading to Prime Material. Does everybody have a patron deity? No. Are there significant in-game impacts from having one? Yes. Both for good and ill; by having a patron deity, you have made yourself instant circles of allies and enemies. What part do followers of deities play in the the wars between nations, and the machinations of world leaders? Well, that is for you to find out…

On this page, you can learn about some of the special issues regarding certain Character Classes and their choices for patron deities. There are also brief descriptions of the deities of Warj'Arune available here as well.

Religious Considerations


Good Dieties

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Lawful Good
Symbol: Star above a milky nebula
Portfolio: Good Dragons, Wind
King of all good dragons, protector of the innocent. The Platinum Dragon.

Corellon Larethian
Chaotic Good
Symbol: Silver crescent moon
Portfolio: Elves, Magic, Arts and Crafts, Music, War
Creator and protector of the elves. Values the “elven” way of life. Ruler of All Elves.

Neutral Good
Symbol: Rearing unicorn
Portfolio: Forests, Woodlands, Flora and Fauna, Fertility
Mistress of the forests. Protects nature, and those who live at one with nature. Goddess of the Woodlands.

Garl Glittergold
Neutral Good:
Symbol: A nugget of gold
Portfolio: Gnomes, Humor, Wit, Illusion, Gemcutting, Jewelrymaking
God of the Gnomes, renowned trickster. Guards his children, the Gnomes. The Watchful protector.

Lawful Good:
Symbol: Fist holding lightning bolts
Portfolio: Valor, Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring
God of valor and honor. Fights war against evil and his half brother Hextor. Allied with St. Cuthbert in the “Knights of the Last Stand”. The Invincible.

Chaotic Good:
Symbol: A star of spears and maces
Portfolio: Strength, Athletics, Sports, Brawling, Courage
God of strength. Values athletics and physical challenges. The Brawler.

Lawful Good:
Symbol: Hammer and anvil
Portfolio: Dwarves, Creation, Smithing, Engineering, War
Creator and patron deity of dwarves. Master of the forge. The Soul Forger.

Neutral Good:
Symbol: Sun face
Portfolio: Sun, Light, Strength, Healing
Sun god. Protector of good and light, healer, nurturer. The Shining One.

Neutral Deities

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True Neutral
Symbol: Eye balanced on a pedestal inside a pentagon
Portfolio: Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Foresight, Balance
God of magic, enforcer of balance. The Uncaring.

True Neutral
Symbol: Disk bearing a curved line with an upturned crescent above
Portfolio: Horizons, Distance, Travel, Roads
God of travel. Preaches that everyone should travel to experience new things. Dweller on the Horizon.

True Neutral
Symbol: Mask of oak leaves and acorns
Portfolio: Nature, Woodlands, Freedom, Hunting, Beasts
God of the forests. Punishes those who would disturb the natural order. The Shalm.

Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: Laughing mask
Portfolio: Rogues, Music, Revelry, Wine, Humor, Tricks
Deity of rogues and bards. Prankster of the gods. The Laughing Rogue.

St. Cuthbert
Lawful Neutral
Symbol: Ruby studded starburst
Portfolio: Retribution, Common Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, Discipline
God of vengeance and retribution. Promotes law, acts as enforcer of the law. Allied with Heironeous in the “Knights of the Last Stand”. St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel.

Wee Jas
Lawful Neutral
Symbol: Red skull wreathed in flame
Portfolio: Death, Magic, Vanity, Law
Goddess of magic and death. Maintains the balance of death as the natural order. The Ruby Sorceress.

Evil Deities

(For a more detailed description of each deity, please click on their name.)

Chaotic Evil
Symbol: A half-demon, half-boar mask
Portfolio: Hate, Envy, Malice, Panic, Ugliness, Slaughter
God of slaughter and suffering. Take what you want, and destroy all who stand in your way. The Many.

Chaotic Evil
Symbol: Empty eye socket
Portfolio: Orcs, War, Territory
God of Orcs. Promotes war and cruelty to gain power. Believes Orcs should rule the world. One Eye.

Lawful Evil
Symbol: Fist holding six red arrows
Portfolio: Tyranny, War, Discord, Massacres, Conflict
God of tyranny and oppression. Fights war against good half-brother Heironeous. Champion of Evil.

Lawful Evil
Symbol: Gnome skull
Portfolio: Kobolds, Trapmaking, Mining, War
God of Kobolds. Hates everything that is not Kobold, especially Gnomes. Ignored by the rest of the gods. The Lone God.

Chaotic Evil
Symbol: Black featureless eye on a red palm.
Portfolio: Destruction, Evil, Oblivion, Demons, Minotaurs
King of Demons, Demon God, The Banished, The Oblivion, Soul Destroyer. Blackest of Heart.

Chaotic Evil
Symbol: Black spider with the head of a Drow female
Portfolio: Drow, Spiders, Evil, Darkness
Goddess of the Drow. Favors chaos for her own pleasure and control. The Spider Goddess.

Neutral Evil
Symbol: Skull and scythe
Portfolio: Death, Darkness, Murder, Underworld
God of death. Hates all the living, seeks to bring death to all. The Reaper.

Lawful Evil
Symbol: Five-headed dragon
Portfolio: Evil Dragons, Conquest
Goddess of evil dragons. Nemesis to Bahamut. Queen of the Evil Dragons.

Neutral Evil
Symbol: Left hand clutching an eyeball
Portfolio: Secrets, Intrigue
God of secrets and undeath. Undead lord who seeks to destroy all. The Master of All That Is Secret and Hidden.

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