Character Creation Guidelines

Character Backstory

Every character concept requires a background story, something to tie you into the world and give us all a better experience. Please read through the Setting Overview and World History & Lore to get a sense of the world, before you write your backstory.

10/5/09 NOTE: All proprietary intellectual property has been moved off the public wiki site for game development. Talk to your DM for access to the setting material / fiction.

Talk to me if you're not finding enough material specific to your character race / region, religion, etc, and I will help you. There's a lot of info we created that hasn't been codified in a reference file or World Lore story yet.

  • People who write cool back-stories will see more of their ideas show up in the game.
  • People who write extra-cool back-stories will find some nice in-game rewards (stuff like XP, items, treasure, blessings, allies, etc).


Numbers & Stats & Stuff

  • You begin play at 3rd level, minus any Level Adjustment you have for your race. Starting treasure is as per 3rd level character. NOTE: Level Adjustment system is currently under construction, as are the LA races.
  • For ability scores, use the "Epic Fantasy" rules from the Pathfinder RPG Reference Document.
  • We are starting with a Heroic campaign, that will begin in/near Rudik's Pass. So, no evil aligned characters please.
  • No more Wizards of the Coast 3.5 material is available for use. Only Pathfinder RPG material and Warj'Arune original content.
  • No Psionics in this play-test campaign.
  • Only the classes listed in the Pathfinder RPG Reference Document, or in original Warj'Arune material, are playable.
  • All Hit Dice are maxed for you and everything else in the game. You never need to roll.


Feats, Spells, Traits & Flaws

10/5/09 NOTE: We previously were using the WoTC d20 SRD list for Feats, Spells, Traits & Flaws, as well as the Feats from Wizards of the Coast's "Player's Handbook 2". This is no longer the case.

Please review the Pathfinder RPG Core Rules (or their Reference Document) for Feats and Spells, and the free Pathfinder RPG Web Enhancement for Traits.

If you have a strong case for Pathfinder Feats from the Bestiary (for some of the more monsterous playable races) I'll consider it, but bear in mind the Warj'Arune races are in the middle of a rules overhaul for Pathfinder standards.

There are also custom world-specific Feats, Spells and Traits in development. Talk to your DM about these.

Traits - we're now using the Pathfinder rules for these:
10/5/09 NOTE: We are no longer using Flaws, as we are no longer running WoTC d20.

  • You can take up to 2 traits. We're not including Adventure Path traits yet since they're still in development, but PC's Destiny Feats fill that role for now anyway.
  • Traits have an inherent benefit to them already.
  • You must make sure your Traits don't contradict each other, and they make RP sense.
  • You generally cannot take the same Trait more than once, unless it is specifically stated otherwise in the Trait's description.


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