-= Ug Fu'Lao =-

Half-Orc . . Lawful Good . . Paragon Monk (Earth & Stone) . . Level 8

Ug's Backstory


Reward for RP: For writing two extra backstory entries, and collaborating on a prelude story with Joe, you gain the following bonus in the form of an item, as long as you're willing to submit a brief description on how you found / acquired it:

Lesser Amulet of the Iron Mountain Yeti
Effects: The wearer gains a +1 Enhancement bonus to Natural Armor, a +1 Enhancement Bonus to Strength, and +2 on all Diplomacy & Intimidate checks vs. creatures of the Earth subtype. The wearer's skin takes on a slightly metallic sheen.

(COMPLETED - "Ug & The Dwarf, Chapter 3". Granted a 2nd minor bonus due to above & beyond story, see below:)

Lesser Boots of Tumbling
Effects: While wearing these boots you gain a +3 Enhancement bonus to the Tumble skill. They are made of leather & padding with a deeply grooved heel and sides.

Ug's Journals


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