Kaemon of the Ah Sha Kun

Rifter . . Chaotic Neutral . . Horizon Walker . . Level 6

Kaemon's Backstory



Reward for RP: For your work on the Rifter racial background, and well written survey, you gain the following bonus item, as long as you're willing to submit a brief description on how you found / acquired it:

Lesser Riftweave Quiver
Effects: This ultra-light quiver weighs 1 lb, and is made from thin leather fibers that have been worked in a planar flux at the Great Rift. Its base color is a dark grey, but it fluctuates between pitch black and very-light grey periodically.

The quiver holds up to 50 arrows or bolts, though its weight does not change regardless of how many arrows are in it.

Any arrow/bolt stored in the quiver for at least one hour is affected by the quiver's innate supernatural attributes until 1 round after being drawn. While so affected, your bow/crossbow's first range increment is increased by 20'. Additionally, each round of combat, roll 1d6 to determine the secondary effect bestowed upon all ammunition shot from the quiver that round, and consult the following table:

Roll … … … Effect
. 1 … … … … 1 point of ice damage.
. 2 … … … … 1 point of fire damage.
. 3 … … … … 1 point of electrical damage.
. 4 … … … … 1 point of acid damage.
. 5 … … … … 1 point of sonic damage.
. 6 … … … … 1 point of force damage, and ignore incorporeal miss chance.

The quiver's effects function normally on most planes. When within 1 mile of the Great Rift, the quiver's color fluctuates continuously and all of its effects are doubled. When within 100 yards, the colors fluctuate very rapidly and all effects are tripled.

(COMPLETED - "A Rifter's Right Of Passage". Granted a 2nd minor bonus due to above & beyond story, see below:)

Wanderer's Compass
Effects: You can check the compass to gain a +2 enhancement on Survival checks for all uses of the skill besides Tracking. You gain a +1 enhancement bonus to Knowledge(Geography) checks at all times, while it is in your possession.


Kaemon's Journals


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