-= Derek Arkantos =-

Human . . Chaotic Good . . Paragon Urban Ranger . . Level 4

Derek's Backstory



Reward for RP: For writing three extra (well-written!) backstory entries, and collaborating with Logan, you gain the following bonus items, as long as you're willing to submit a brief description on how you found / acquired them:

Brother Of The Desert Tribes
Effects: This signet ring identifies you as a brother of the Desert Elf encampments that roam the Great Desert. There is a 15% chance that any Desert Elf who sees you will know who you are, before they even see this ring (whether it's from personal interactions or just your reputation.) When interacting with Desert Elves they always default to an attitude of Friendly and you have a +4 on any Diplomacy checks with them. Also, they will guide you (and you alone) to and from their encampments and provide you with hospitality free of charge (any of your companions will have to pay the 'friend rates'). You gain an automatic 10% discount on any items or services purchased from tribe merchants or guides, and they will always appraise all items bought or sold from/to them truthfully on your behalf. You're expected to return all these courtesies to them as well, and treat them as your own kin. By extension, you also gain a +2 Circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Appraise checks when dealing with members of the Sandwalker guild, if they see your ring.

Union Sentinel Stone
Effects: This chunk of glowing green rock (see character portrait) is native to the planar city of Union. Having it in your possession gives you the following bonuses while in urban environments (small town size or greater): +1 to Hide & Move Silently, an urban-only variant of the druids' Trackless Step ability, a special Scrying Resistance equal to your Character Level + 11 (treat as Spell Resistance against Scrying effects only), and, you are always treated as if you are located in Union itself (so you get +5 to your Will save for being on another plane unless they are making their Scrying attempt from Union.) Assuming they're not Scrying from Union, if they beat your Scrying Resistance but you make your Will save by 5 or less, you appear to them as if you're located in Union, although their image of you is too hazy to make out details of your appearance beyond confirming your identity and supposed location. Additionally, at all times and regardless of your environment, if you clutch the stone in one of your hands while meditating for your daily spells, your Wisdom score is considered 2 higher for determining the number/level of Urban Ranger spells you can cast that day; and if you clutch it in one of your hands while casting an Urban Ranger spell, the DC is treated as if your Wisdom score were 2 higher.

(COMPLETE - "A Bountyhunter's Spoils" and "Music, Wind & Sand" - you wrote a lot, and wrote well… so I've upgraded the items in line with your stories. Enjoy, and please update the records on your sheet.)

Derek's Journals


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