-= Elik The Occasionally Ardent =-

Human . . Chaotic Good . . Paragon Wizard (Conjurer) . . Level 5

Elik's Backstory



Reward for RP: For writing a campaign setting and a campaign full of adventures, and collaborating with all the players, you are treated as having written several character backstories. You gain the following bonus items:

Initiate's Ring of the Sartii Magi
Effects: You gain a +1 Deflection bonus to AC, and a +1 Enhancement bonus to Intelligence. This signet ring identifies you as an Initiate of the Guild of Sartii Magi, granting the following social bonuses: +4 Circumstance bonus on diplomacy checks with the Sartii Royal Guard, and they default to Friendly towards you (with the expectation you will do the same for them.) Special: While you would normally gain the same social bonus with other members of the Guild of Sartii Magi, given Elik's backstory they instead start as Neutral in attitude towards you, and you have a -4 Reputation penalty on Diplomacy checks with them. They're also quick to ridicule you if they see you mess up on anything related to arcane matters.

Fantastical Staff Of The Puissant Practitioner
Effects: This masterwork quarterstaff has 2 abilities. First, on command it can glow brightly as the Light spell for an unlimited duration, however, it sometimes flickers or makes a static noise or takes an extra round or two to accept the command to turn on (or turn off,) and its radius of bright light uncontrollably varies by as much as 10 feet more or less than normal each time it is activated (roll 1d20 to determine). Second, it will accept any one 0th-level spell per day cast into it (except for Light), which you can then use as a spell completion item as many times as you wish, until you rest.

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