Birth Of A Half-Fiend

A gloom suddenly surrounds you; darkness never-ending. Phantasm heads swirl around, disorienting you. Spinning around, you find the darkness is all around you, the heads continue their macabre dance, leading you along. A pair of eyes glare out at you from the darkness, twin spots seemingly darker than the darkness, as a voice booms from all around you.

“So you seek knowledge of my servant? Know this information will not come cheap. You are willing to pay this price then? Excellent. Someday I will call upon you, and you will answer the call of Hextor…yes. But let us speak of questions at hand. My servant, he troubles you. Don’t look so stunned, I know all. Let us start from the beginning, his beginning…

Throughout all the planes, my servants roam as they will. But on no other plane are they as welcome or numerous as the Plane of Fire. The chaos of that land lends itself perfectly to priests of evil, and as such, my servants are able to walk free, unlike almost any other place of existence. It was there that I noticed him, in the great City of Brass. The child of a fire demon and one of my own priests; the boy was strong…and strong willed. His mother, the demoness, Mena, raised him in the city, his father all but absent. I visited him numerous times in his sleep, showing him visions of everything he could have, everything he could be…and then he came to me.

He grew quickly, the human blood in him coursed through, and soon he was a young teen, much earlier than his demon mother had expected. As a matter of fact, she didn’t expect much of anything until she awoke to find him standing over her, his sword drawn and ready. He killed her that night, as the strong must dispose of the weak. This is the way of things, the order of the world.

After he left his mother, he showed up at my door, demanding to be heard by my priests. He demanded to be included as a member, and as such they knew him to be chosen; none of my servants prostrate themselves before anyone but me. Before long, the high clerics recognized his potential, recognized his threat, and disposed of him, accordingly… all according to plan. They banished him to the material plane, stripping him of the benefits of his demonic heritage, abandoning him to die there. But, that was not my will, so he survived. He found himself in a strange land, in a strange city; he later found it was named Ravannah.

This land was strange, yet so trusting, perfect for the young battle priest. He has his mission, of which only I know, and I am fairly confident he will complete it with ease. I have sent and called for others, agents both knowing and otherwise, to bring this evil providence to bear. The dark magus, Neg, shall aid him in this effort; dark warriors and shadowy assassins yet unknown and unseen lie in wait, lurking in the twilight, watching for my servant that they may come to his aid. Together, they shall all wreak my havoc upon the world. Indeed, my days shall come soon… sooner than any would dare to believe.

So, now I have given you the answers you seek. The day shall come when I will call upon you, you would be wise to answer my call. Being on the bad side of a god can be a very bad thing…I would remember that if I were you…”


The mist fades back, the gloom subsiding. You look around, everything seems to be how it was before…did that just happen? You wonder to yourself the validity of your senses when a name echoes through your mind… Pyromemnussssss.

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